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Our Proven Dig-Free Pipe Repair Solutions

The Best Non-Invasive Alternative to Excavation

Traditional sewer pipe repair jobs can be a large-scale headache. They can be messy, time consuming, and a threat to your property. Trenchless Pipe Repair utilizes innovative, proven dig-free pipe repair technology to repair your pipes with the smallest amount of disruption. Using a camera, we will inspect your pipes.  An in-depth diagnostic analysis is then provided to you prior to bidding the job and doing the repair work. We will then efficiently fix your drains and pipes  safely and on time.

Top-Notch Equipment

Trenchless Pipe Repair employs the newest technological solutions for repairing pipes. Once we’ve accurately imaged the problem using a computerized, self-adjusting, self-leveling color camera system, we repair with quality pipe lining and pipe bursting equipment from manufacturers like:

Full Service from Diagnostics to Dig-Free Pipe Repair Solutions

You can count on us to be involved in your pipe repair from start to finish. We strive toward clearly communicating all aspects of the repair process. We offer full service from diagnostics to improving your piping system’s infrastructure and preserving your property value and your homes’ appearance. Our goal is to provide a universal, full-service approach every step of the way. We offer a wide service area stretching throughout East Central Minnesota to the western regions of Wisconsin.

Certified Staff, Certified Results

The repair staff is fully trained and certified by Maxliner as an operator.  Training includes pipe bursting, pipe lining and pipe fusion in a variety of settings and circumstances. Each and every service that we offer is provided by knowledgeable, reliable professionals. You can count on us to find the right sewer pipe repair solution for your situation.

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