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Sewer Pipe Repair Services

Experience, Diversity and Experience in Sewer Pipe Repair Services

Trenchless Pipe Repair has been working in the water and pipe repair business for more than 10 years. We are continually expanding our sewer pipe repair services so our customers have access to a variety of cutting-edge options to service, repair, or replace the sewer piping infrastructure in their homes and businesses.

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Pipe Jetting


We use extremely high pressure water systems to clear out blockages or potential blockages within the sewer pipe. With multiple nozzles and adjustable pressures, materials such as grease, roots, and sludge can be removed from your pipes.

pipe locating

Pipe Locating

Locating the exact sewer pipe and the problem point has never been easier due to our innovative camera technology. Often our first step on the job site is to insert the camera down the pipe, and the internal transmitter communicates with our receiver to determine precise location on the property. This method significantly reduces the impact we place on the environment and ensures the highest efficiency.

traditional excavation and Pipe Repair

Traditional Excavation and Pipe Repair

In some instances, such as a broken sewer pipe, attending to the damaged pipe will require traditional excavation techniques. This entails digging up and removing the existing pipe for replacement. When this method is needed, we treat your property as if it were our own by keeping your yard and property as minimally disrupted as possible.

Hydro Excavation


Where utilities—gas, electric, communication, telephone or fiber optic lines—are adjacent to the pipe, the hydro-excavation method allows the dirt to be removed without damaging nearby infrastructure.

Leak Detection

Leak Detection

Smell sewer gas?  Leak detection disperses an innovative, environmentally-friendly smoke substance throughout the drain system at low pressures to determine the location of any leaks. Upon accurately locating the source, we can safely repair and eliminate potential health hazards from leaking sewer gas.

Roof Drain Steaming

Another service we offer, which is in high demand during our cold Minnesota winters, is thawing out frozen sewer lines, water lines, and commercial roof drains. Tending to steaming roof drains is important because if not addressed it can cause water damages on the interior of your home or business.  Our high-pressure steam machines can melt any amount of ice and allow runoff from melted snow to flow normally.

Emergency Services

Emergency Services

A clogged pipe emergency can be a true nightmare. It is a goal of our company to get to your home or business as soon as possible to prevent any further damages from occurring. Our service area stretches throughout East Central Minnesota to the western regions of Wisconsin. Our phones are always on for whenever disaster strikes, rest assured.