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Hydro ExcavationThere are different options available to keep pipes clean and drains unclogged in your home. Plumbers typically use two different approaches to clean pipes and unclog drains. This includes hydro jetting or plumbing snakes. The plumbing augers and plumbing snakes are more of a traditional method, while hydro jetting provides one of the best solutions to just about every type of pipe problem.

So you may be wondering what approach will match up to your situation. Well, this will depend on the issue! If you have tried a plunger and your drains are still blocked, you may need a device that offers more force in order to get rid of the clog. This is when snaking and hydro jetting offers a more reliable solution. Each of these techniques works well for various clog types. However, you need to ensure you hire a qualified and experienced plumber to get the job done.

The Benefits Of Snaking

Snaking clogged drains involves an auger. This device looks similar to a steel cable that has a coil on one end. The auger is inserted inside a sewer line and the coil is used for breaking up any obstructions. This method clears up built-up gunk inside the pipes and can be used to remove clogs.

What Are The Main Advantages Of This Option?

– This is a tried and tested method. This technique works for most clogs and plumbers have used this method for decades.

– This method is gentle on your pipes. The procedure will not damage your pipes, which means if the pipes are fragile, this is one of the better options.

– Snaking effectively tackles minor blockages and clogs. If your blockage is minor, snaking will work to get your drains unblocked.

– Snaking can detect any plumbing hazards. Since the auger uses pressure in order to break up clogs, it can also help the plumber to find any other issues such as roots from trees that have grown into your pipes.

Cabling pipelines with augers is one of the trusted techniques to rid your pipes and drains of blockages and gunk. However, there is a downside to this technique. In many cases, snaking will only be a temporary answer to build-ups in your pipes, which will mean that you can expect your pipes to clog up again. If you would like a more long-term solution, it would be best to choose a more innovative and powerful option.

When Is Hydro Jetting The Best Approach?

Hydro jetting involves a high-pressure hose that is highly effective at removing build up in your pipes and tough clogs. This device features a specialized nozzle that directs high-powered pressurized water into the pipes which will clear out clogged drains and any other obstruction. Your plumber will create an opening or cleanout which allows the build-up and clogs to exit the pipes.

Here is a list of a few of the primary advantages that hydro jetting can provide:

– Eliminates any clogs quickly and effectively. With such a high-pressure of water passing through the pipes, clogs are quickly cleared out.

– Removes any dangerous blocks. Pressurized water has enough power to clear out obstruction like tree roots or any other tough blockage when needed.

– This is a versatile approach that works on every type of pipe. Regardless of the pipe types, you have in your home, hydro jetting will clear out gunk and blockages easily and effectively.

– Cleans the pipe walls. Hydro jetting offers a long term solution when it comes to removing build-up on the pipe walls along with grease. This technique works effectively to remove grease, minerals, and more.

Even though hydro jetting has become the preferred option, it does use a very powerful force to clear out your pipes. If your pipes are old or fragile, the high-powered pressure may cause damages to susceptible areas. This is the reason why you need a professional plumbing service to get the job done.

Your plumber will evaluate the condition of the pipes and lower the pressure to avoid any damages or any other issue. If the pipes in your home are too old, the plumber may choose the more traditional snaking technique for the best results.

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