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Water damage and damaged pipes are just one of many problems that homeowners face. This can lead to expensive repairs or replacements.

We are A Trenchless Pipe Repair Company. We are a family-owned plumbing company that provides full service and helps homeowners solve their plumbing problems. Trenchless pipe lining is one of our most popular and recent services.It may not be the right choice for everyone, but it can save homeowners a lot of money over traditional pipe replacements.

This article will explain what pipe lining is and the pros and cons of it, as well as the cost and requirements. It will help you make the right decision for your plumbing system.

What is Pipe Lining?

The process of pipe lining (also known as epoxy pipe liner, CIPP pipe lining or pipe relining), is minimally invasive and involves the creation of a new pipe directly within your existing pipes. This is an efficient, cost-effective, and quick method of pipe repair.

Before the pipe lining is done, all plumbing lines must be inspected using a sewer camera. Then hydro jetting is used to clean them. The new pipe is then inserted into the existing one and inflated directly. This will eliminate any pinhole leaks.

Pipe Lining Pros

  • Cost effective
  • Replacement of traditional pipes is faster than usual
  • Long lasting pipe lining solution
  • Environment friendly

Pipe Lining is Cost-Effective

Because of the lower labor required, pipe lining can cost as much as 50% less than traditional pipe replacements.

Pipe Lining is a fast and simple process

New trenchless technology makes it possible to repair pipes in days instead of weeks using more invasive techniques. There are no major disruptions to your home or holes in the walls or ceilings.

Pipe Lining will Last for Decades

Pipe lining can last up to 50 year if it is properly installed. This makes it a long-lasting pipe repair solution.

Pipe Lining is Environmentally Friendly

Pipe lining is an ecofriendly method of pipe repair. It does not produce any hazardous waste or debris that must be disposed.

Cons of Pipe Lining

  • It is difficult to remove
  • Correct installation is required

Pipe Lining is difficult to remove

The epoxy pipe lining is permanent.It is very difficult to remove once it has been installed.

Problems with Pipe Linings if they are not installed correctly

Like any type of installation, future problems can arise if it isn’t done properly. Poor installation of pipe lining can lead to liners falling off or shrinking, which will result in pressure and a decrease in flow capacity. It is highly recommended that you hire a licensed plumber with extensive experience in pipe lining to complete your work.

What Does Pipe Lining Cost?

Pipe lining can be expected to cost between $80 and $250 per linear foot. Because each project is different, there will be a wide price range.

There are many factors that can impact the price of pipe lining, including:

  • Cleaning level required
  • Pipe accessibility
  • Size of the job (the amount of pipe to be replaced)

We recommend scheduling a free estimate to find out the cost of your project.

What are the Pipe Requirements for Pipe Lining?

Although pipe lining can be an effective solution to repair pipes, it may not work for all plumbing systems. To ensure a successful pipe-lining project, pipes must meet the following requirements.

  • More than 2 inches in diameter
  • Not too fragile
  • Piping cannot be back-pitched or collapsed

If you are not sure if your pipes comply with the requirements, don’t be afraid to ask. The initial inspection will determine if your pipes are eligible. You can consider repiping if they don’t meet the required standards.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Pipe Lining

If you’re thinking about pipe lining, make sure you hire an experienced and professional plumbing company to do the job correctly. This will ensure that your pipe liner lasts as long as possible. Trenchless Pipe repair stands behind the quality of our work. We offer a guarantee for trenchless pipe lining repairs that lasts up to seven years, which is not the case with most plumbing companies.

Are you ready to get started with pipe lining? We are happy to assist you!Get a free estimate, and we’ll contact you within 24hrs. Please call us if you need immediate assistance.



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