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Everyone may experience significant difficulties as a result of the burst sewer pipe, both in terms of stress and financial hardship. You can lessen the effect a situation has based on how you choose to handle it. It no longer requires a yard to be dug up to access a sewer line thanks to some outstanding developments in repair technology. In order to determine the necessary trenchless repair for your pipe, you must be relatively knowledgeable.

Despite being an impressive technique, trenchless pipe repair may be more useful in some circumstances than others. You don’t want to have to figure out while it’s going on which trenchless repair method is appropriate for your circumstance. We’ve compiled all the knowledge you’ll need to know about pipe repair because of this. Before deciding whether trenchless pipe repair method will be required for your pipes, compare epoxy pipe lining and pipe bursting for homes and businesses.

Why Are The Two Similar?

Both types of pipe repair technology began to gain popularity in the residential and commercial sectors in the 1980s and have since been widely utilized. Pipe splitting and upsizing are typical terms for pipe bursting, while CIPP, or cured in situ piping, is the term used to describe epoxy piping. Both methods avoid the need to dig up old pipelines in order to fix a burst. Businesses and homes can save a lot of money by utilizing epoxy pipe lining and trenchless repair. They serve as stress-free cost-saving methods while still maintaining the landscaping of an existing property. Despite having same objectives, these approaches operate in quite distinct ways.

Which of the two options is preferable?

Which strategy is optimal will depend on the specific pipe issue at hand. The amount of damage that has already been done as well as the pipe’s depth and placement will all be important considerations. Pipe bursting can cost anything from $60 and $200 per square foot. Pipe bursting is only used to replace pipes that are underground. Relining a damaged pipe normally costs between $80 and $250 per foot. The specifics of the issue will decide how secure the overall process is and how much it will ultimately cost. It is best to get in touch with a plumbing expert who offers trenchless pipe bursting and epoxy pipe lining so that they can assess the situation and provide a cost estimate before beginning work.


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