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pipe burstingPipe bursting involves repairing an underground sewer line without having to destroy the landscape. It is a replacement method that is used as a solution to severely damaged sewage systems. It is considered safer and more efficient as compared to traditional solutions. This method makes use of force and high-grade bursting heads. What happens in pipe bursting is that a conical bursting head is inserted into an entry hole through to the broken sewer line. The bursting head disintegrates the existing damaged pipe as it passes through. The pointed bursting head is able to break the existing one because of its cone shape, which tends to be larger at its base than the old pipe’s diameter. With the use of hydraulic power, the existing pipe is destroyed and pushed from its original location. Below are the steps of pipe bursting.

Installation Of Equipment.

The first step is to locate the two openings. The starting point is usually in the house basement and the ending point, is usually on another pit. The machine used to effectuate pipe bursting is usually placed at the starting point. From the ending point, a long cable is inserted through the old pipe until it gets to the machine at the starting point. This cable aims to pull the new pipe through the old pipeline.

Pipe Installation.

After installing the equipment, a new pipe that is meant to replace the old one is placed at the ending point. It is usually made of smaller parts that are fused through welding. This pipe is then attached to the burst head that is connected to the long cable. The machine starts to pull the cable. As it does this, the cable pulls the burst head and the pipe on the other side. Understand that the role of the head is to burst the existing pipe material to create room for the new pipe.

Equipment Disassembly.

At this point, the burst head reaches the starting point where the machine is located. The new pipe is installed, and the burst head is detached from the cable,that is then entirely removed from the pipeline. The technicians seal up the openings, and the sewer pipes are reconnected.

Pipe bursting is one of the preferred pipe replacement techniques. It is recommended, especially when the old pipe is too damaged or too old. It is highly preferred because it doesn’t require the technicians to burst the owner’s property during the replacement process.