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Pipe lining is a method of plumbing system repair that has many advantages. Discover why our customers rave about trenchless pipe lining repair!

  1. Less Destructive

For both camera inspections and the repair itself, trenchless pipe lining repair methods only require a small access point. By comparison, traditional methods involve digging a trench in your yard or a hole in your wall to reach the pipe. In addition to reducing property damage, your wallet will not be thinned out from additional landscaping or repair costs!

  1. Time-Saving

With trenchless pipe lining, you can get your plumbing needs met quicker because there is no disruption and mess created as is often the case with traditional methods. This also means that you won’t have to plan for temporary relocation at a hotel or family member’s home during the outage. In addition, fewer sewer system engineers are required to complete any given job, making the process more streamlined.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Traditional methods of replacing or even repairing pipes involve the removal of entire sections of damaged or degraded pipes and disposing of them in a landfill. Moreover, with longer construction times, water is used in greater quantities. The trenchless pipe lining system eliminates waste and unnecessary supply use by not removing the pipe at all. Instead, a durable liner (really a new pipe) is inserted into the existing one with minimal disruption.

  1. Extended Lifespan

Various trenchless pipe lining options are available, each lasting about fifty years. Considering that most pipes last on average at least ten years less, this is great news for consumers. The trenchless pipe lining is made of a durable epoxy that also prevents tree roots  or other objects from penetrating the pipe through small fissures.

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology

The majority of sewer repairs are now done with trenchless pipe linings, which are more technologically advanced than older, obsolete  methods. Learn how Trenchless Pipe Repair can help you with the technology of the future by calling us today!