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The cold weather has officially arrived in North Branch, MN, and surrounding areas which means that the ground has frozen and digging up the yard has become an impossible task. Treating sewer line problems used to mean dealing with them regardless, at least that used to be the case. Homeowners faced a major problem when their sewers burst in the dead of winter, and digging through the dirt to get to the issue meant long hours of work and considerable expense. Recently, that has changed. With trenchless technology, sewer repair becomes much more feasible, even during the winter when cold weather and frozen soil make it even more challenging. Take a look at how trenchless technology works.

No Digging

In the past, the biggest issue with a clogged or a breach in a sewer line was that a plumber could not reach it for assessment or repair without exposing the entire line. With trenchless technology, that problem is solved. It begins with the assessment, which is now possible using seismic detectors and miniature cameras that can run along your system on a line. Once an accurate assessment is provided by these devices, the plumber can dig just a couple of holes in the ground, then run a seal, plumbing snake, or replacement pipe directly into the problem area.

The Results

By avoiding frozen ground, the operation itself can be carried out more quickly than it otherwise might have been. Furthermore, fewer personnel are needed, and the results can often be as effective as they were in the past. This helps you to save time and money while resolving the issue.