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pipe burstingTrenchless technology is somewhat of a buzzword in the pipe and sewer industry and as with most buzzwords, the more it is used, the less individuals understand the meaning. Well, the truth is trenchless pipe replacement isn’t a new concept. Pipe repair and replacement firms of all sorts provide trenchless repairs as a service. Trenchless tech is a norm, but even then, there’s still much confusion regarding the process. This leads to several damaging things, both for the companies offering the service as well as building owners that need pipe replacement.

1. Pipe repair firms lose out on business as a result of lacking consumer knowledge.

2. Owners of building structures misunderstand the destruction level that the process entails.

3. Pipes become worn even more, leading to sewer systems across the country quite vulnerable.

Well, one of the most important concepts to comprehend in trenchless repairs is pipe bursting. At the heart of any pipe replacement or repair nowadays is pipe bursting, a technique that helps repair old, worn and undersized, gas, sewer or water pipelines.

This is a method of putting a ‘busting head’ through an existing pipe. By doing this, the old worn out pipe busts and sends the remaining fragments and materials through the surrounding soil region. The new pipe is also put into place through a pull-in-place method at the same time.

Next, the bursting head’s end connects to the beginning of the new pipe. This technique can be conducted through a step by step process, or as a continuous one. No matter the method, the result tackles residential, industrial and commercial properties in order to clean out as well as repair faulty sewer pipes. As a result of the process:

1. The flow capacity of the pipes is increased.

2. Leaks are stopped

3. Bacterium and odors in and around the pipes are eliminated.

4. The supply lines are clear and smooth for the next 50 years.

5. The pipes are protected from intrusion of tree roots.

Pipe bursting is an important step in trenchless technology. As the sewer and pipe industry continues to grow, it is essential for property managers, homeowners and any other person responsible for the optimum operation of sewer pipelines to know the ins and outs of keeping these structures working properly.

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