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Pipe Lining

Pipe Lining Benefits

By February 28, 2019July 1st, 2019No Comments

Pipe LIningPipe lining is an excellent solution that replaces or repairs root infested, broken, cracked or leaking pipes without having to dig. An example of pipe lining would be either commercial or residential sewer lines. Sometimes it is also used when a rough bend or joint needs to be smoothed out. Since this type of application does not require digging, costly demolition or excavation methods are unnecessary. Pipe lining is a less expensive alternative than the more traditional re-piping methods, such as open trench or excavations.

If you manage or own a building that is older than 10 years then there is a good chance that pipe damage is in progress. You will usually see or experience pipe corrosion symptoms. Some of the symptoms include stains on tubs and sinks, discolored water, leaks, odors, continuous sewage back ups, or poor water flow. You can use pipe lining on commercial and residential sewer drainage and lateral pipes that go from the city main line to the property, roof collectors and drainage pipes, and light industry commercial floor drainage pipes such as found in a restaurant.

There are many different causes for pipe lining solutions. For example, a tree root may pierce and then infiltrate a drainage system through pipe connections or seams. This could cause water loss or blockage. Also, water can eventually corrode, plug, or erode a pipe line. It can cause the formation, over time, of pinhole leaks in a plumbing system. Hard water is also a culprit because it is full of minerals that can cause plugging, blockages, and encrusting. Even surface water can cause the dissolving and thinning of pipe walls because of its acidity.

Galvanized and copper plumbing systems will show significant issues over time. A problem can occur within only 6 years and a lot will depend on the quality of the material of the pipe. After 10 years, most galvanized and copper pipes show significant signs of corrosion. The only long-term solution for corrosion of a pipe is to prevent water from contacting the pipe wall.

A pipe lining process will require proper preparation, installation, epoxy application, and a curing process. The bottom line is that excavations are extremely expensive because of permit fees, damage costs, material, time, and labor. If you own a business, pipe lining will not cause any disruptions to your business operations. Pipe lining will improve the longevity and physical condition of your pipes.

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