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pipe liningWhenever a sewer system is completely damaged, the expert will recommend a pipe bursting solution. What doe this mean? Well, it simply means that the system will be broken intentionally to make room for new system installation or replacement.

Pipe Busting Process

Before the job starts, the pipeline is fitted with a bursting head that is fed towards the broken sewer. The head will then begin to break through the damaged pipes. This system works because the head is intended to be larger or bigger in diameter than the pipe itself. The bursting head is operated by a hydraulic system by moving it from its original placed position to the other side. While the bursting pipe is doing its job, the placement of trenchless pipes takes place at the same time. In other words, the pipe is placed behind the bursting head and slides into place as the damaged pipe is being broken.

As such, the whole process takes only a few hours. That is because this method is simple and very effective. This is what has made pipe bursting a popular option in replacing damaged pipes. Furthermore, this process has created awareness of the benefits that come with trenchless pipe replacements.

Reasons To Choose Trenchless Pipe Replacement

First of all, trenchless pipe replacement is efficient compared to traditional methods used a few years ago. Let’s not forget the fact that trenchless methods are cost affordable to begin and complete. For this reason, when a homeowner is choosing this trenchless method, they are actually not only choosing the safest option, but the cost for the project or job will be much lower. That is because trench projects will demand soil replacements and grass as well. Furthermore, they will surely experience property damage. With everything related to trench sewer installation, you will have to consider taking on a landscaping project to make your home beautiful again. This is where much of the cost will go.

The other benefit of trenchless pipe replacement is that it improves sewer water flow. That is because one has the option of choosing a larger diameter pipe simply to accommodate large water flow. Remember, pipe bursting also clears out soil surrounding the original pipes, which creates room for a lager pipe installation. Therefore, one can increase the capacity, which can allow CIPP materials to flow through with ease. In other words, you get the opportunity to increase flow capacity to a point where CIPP materials can flow with ease and prevent blockages.

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