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pipe burstingWhen a sewer pipe bursts in a business or home, it can present major problems for everyone, both in terms of stress and finances. Depending on how you choose to deal with the problem, you can minimize the impact that it has. Due to some impressive advances in repair technology, it doesn’t take a yard being dug up to access a sewer pipe. You have to be a somewhat informed to figure out the necessary trenchless repair for your pipe.

Trenchless pipe repair, while an impressive technology, may be more useful in some situations than in others. You don’t want to have to learn which trenchless repair technique is the best for your situation while it is happening. That’s why we’ve created a compilation of the information about pipe repair that you’ll need to know. You should compare epoxy pipe lining and pipe bursting trenchless repair for homes and offices before coming to a conclusion about which one will be needed for your pipes.

What’s Similar About The Two?
In the residential and commercial space, both types of pipe repair technology started gaining ground in the 1980s, and have been prominently used. Epoxy piping is commonly referred to as CIPP, or cured in place piping, while pipe splitting and upsizing are common names for pipe bursting. In both techniques, there is no need to dig up old pipes to repair a burst. There is a lot of money that can be saved by businesses and homes when they use trenchless repair and epoxy pipe lining. In addition to acting as cot saving measures with less stress, they also keep the landscaping of an existing property intact. Their goals are similar, but the operations for these techniques are quite different.

Out Of The Two Options, Which One Is Better?
The pipe problem at hand will help determine which technique is the best option. Certain factors, such as pipe depth, the location of the pipe that needs repairing, and how much damage has already been done will come into play. For each foot of space, the cost of pipe bursting can be anywhere from $60 to $200. Replacement of a pipe using pipe bursting is all done underground. $80 to $250 per foot is usually the cost of relining a pipe that has been damaged. The fine details of the problem will determine how safe the entire operation is and what the final cost will be. A plumbing professional who offers epoxy pipe lining and pipe bursting trenchless repair should be contacted first, as they can inspect the area and give a price estimate before going to work.

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