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Broken water pipes are a huge issue, especially if they occur without notice or if you are unable to locate the source.

A pipe break beneath a house’s slab is often the most difficult to repair. If your pipes burst below the foundation, you’ll need to make extensive repairs, which may include excavating up the damaged area. The only way to tell where a busted water pipe is is to see it, but there are ways to figure out if you’re likely to find one if you can’t find one elsewhere in the house.

Your Water Has Run Out

A lack of water service is the first indicator of a damaged water pipe someplace on your property. Unless there is a break in the pipes between the meter and your home, your home’s water should not cease pouring from the tap unless there is a scheduled interruption or you haven’t paid your water bill. This could result in a crack beneath the foundation in some cases.

Find out whether there is a water outage in your area by contacting your water company. If not, you’ll have to believe you’ve got a plumbing leak someplace. To prevent as much damage as possible, start searching right away and switch off your water main.

Water Sputtering From Faucets

When a water pipe bursts, it doesn’t always fall apart completely. The water may not fully cease flowing as a result, but the same cracks that allow water to escape the pipe may also allow air to enter, which is then driven through the lines to your home’s numerous fixtures. When air gets into the line, it causes sputtering and spitting at the faucets, as well as rattling pipes.

Other reasons can create the same problem, therefore it isn’t always indicative of a leak beneath your home. Allow a faucet to run for a few minutes to determine if the line clears of air or if it appears to never stop. It could be a ruptured pipe if it doesn’t stop.

Water that appears to be filthy

If you still have some water pressure after a partially busted pipe, some of the surrounding earth may be sucked into the line with the water. When dirt seeps into a line through a fracture and continues to flow, the water may become murky and brown. This discolored water indicates a break in the water line or the presence of materials in the plumbing that are creating the discoloration. If you’re not sure if the water is slightly discolored, collect some water in a transparent glass to examine if it appears unclean. When a pipe bursts, it’s usually accompanied by other signs like sputtering or low pressure.

Your House is Flooded

Flooding is a sure sign that a pipe has ruptured. The water from the pipes will continue to flow until the water main is turned off, and it may pool in the lowest portions of your home. If you have a basement, flooding will most likely occur here first if the damaged pipes are below the foundation.

Sewer Odors in the Home and Outside

The sewer has a distinct odor that is both unpleasant and distinctive. If you notice a foul stench in or near your home, it’s possible that the pipes transporting waste water from your home to the sewage system or septic tank have burst. Sewage could leak beneath your house as a result of this. The odor would most likely be noticeable right away.


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