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Hydro ExcavationIt is common for sewers and drains to clog or slow drain at one point in a building life cycle. There is a multitude of materials that get stuck and accumulate in drains or toilets like rubble, grease and other unwelcome crystals.

Luckily, there are several method solutions to fix slow draining or clogged pipes where the most effective method is hydro jetting.

Hydro jetting is where high-pressure water is blasted through a clogged line using a hose to unclog the blockages or any material build-up. Before hydro jetting, a video inspection must be carried out to determine the situation of the problem and as a safety measure, to confirm if there are any broken or damaged pipes.

Thereafter, water jet of between 3,000 to 8,000 psi is pressured inside the pipe to rid of the blockage. So strong is hydro jetting that it can remove any type of clogging material in the toilet or pipes such as domestic trash or tree roots as commonly found in the sewer line.

The following are the 6 main advantages hydro jetting has over most traditional methods used in the removal of clog up in drains and pipes.

1. Highly Effective

Most traditional methods of clog removal are effective up to a certain limit. Nonetheless, their efficacy is not anywhere near that of hydro jetting. Hydro jetting stands out from most clog removal methods because it can fully clear any type of clogs including debris and the buildup that accumulates on the edges of the pipe.

Most traditional methods can remove the blockage matter but cannot eliminate the residue that is left on the walls of the pipes. With time, this clog residual accumulates and hardens leading to slow drain or reoccurrence of the blockage.

This is why you need hydro jetting for the reason that it relies on high pressure blasting to remove the clog up and any other unwanted material in the pipe.

2. Cost and Time Effective

You certainly have heard that “cheap is expensive in the long run” which is a phrase that well describes the financial disincentives for using traditional clog removal methods. Sooner or later, the homeowner finds themselves paying for a repeat of the same service because traditional methods cannot guarantee complete clearance of clog matter.

On the other hand, hydro jetting clears the clog material in its entirety eliminating reoccurrence of such a problem in the future and thus saving on money.

Additionally, you will find hydro jetting substantially cheaper when dealing with a plumber who charges for this service by the hour. This is because the process of hydro jetting takes less time compared to traditional methods.

3. It is Sanitary

Much as the professional plumber appears to be doing “dirty” work does not eliminate the need to maintain a sanitary environment when working.

Almost all traditional methods will push the plumber to contact with the debris and other sewage and which might easily spread to other parts of the house together with a bad odor.

The operational design of hydro jetting sets hydro jet apart from other methods because the plumber does not need to get in contact with any of the contaminants or blockage matter. Only high-pressured water is relied upon to unblock the pipes and ends in the septic tank on the other end of the pipe/drain.

4. Friendly to the Environment

The method uses less water than most people can imagine. Besides that, hydro jetting needs no chemical procedures like in most of the traditional methods. There is absolutely no risk for chemical pollution of the soil or any part of the environment when using the hydro jet.

When using hydro jetting, water bodies like lakes, ponds and rivers near homes or building premises are completely protected from chemical pollution simply because water jets do not need any sort of chemical infusion.

5. Ideal for Buildings of All Sizes

There is a misconception among customers that hydro jetting is only good for commercial establishments which is not true.

Hydro jetting allows for water pressing with varying pressure input which ideally can work on both small and large projects.

Hydro jetting will remove clogging matter like sludge and grease that cannot be removed through the snaking method or most of the traditional methods. Hydro jetting is effective on larger jobs like removal of tree roots that could block a city sewer line.

6. Best for Preventative Maintenance

Hydro jetting is a popular method because it eliminates future drainage issues by exhaustively cleaning pipes in addition to unclogging them. This will save the homeowner a lot of headaches with the drainage system.

Professionals will recommend that you procure hydro jetting for your new home or building before you can move in. Additionally, the video inspection procedure will identify potential problems in your pipe or drainage system that could not have been reasonably anticipated.

For more information on hydro jetting and how the service will assist you to fix slow drains or blocked pipes, feel free to contact Trenchless Pipe Repair.

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