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Your home’s sewers need proper care and maintenance like the other areas of your home. However, most homeowners don’t know have a lot of information about their sewers or how to identify any problems. With these FAQs, you should get more information about your sewers including what a sewer inspection is and why it’s important to get one.

What Is A Sewer Inspection?

A sewer inspection refers to a process where a camera is attached to a snake line to check the status of the sewer. The camera records the state of the sewer including cracks, tree roots, clogs, collapses lines and any other problems inside.

When Should I Get A Sewer Inspection?

Most people have sewer inspections when they are buying a new home. If your home is showing signs of backup, you should have an inspection. You should also do it if there have ever been clogs in the sewer in the past and you want to know the current state of the sewer.

Why Are Sewer Inspections Important?

Sewer problems can be tough to identify especially if you don’t know what you are looking for. Just because the toilets in your house are flushing properly and the sinks are draining accordingly, it’s not a guarantee that the sewer is working properly. Inspections can identify problems in the sewers before they become severe or cause a lot of damage.

What’s The Cost Of A Sewer Inspection?

The area, the type of sewer and the plumber, sewer inspections determine the cost of a sewer inspection.  If you can pay for a line clearing, sewer inspection or any other sewer maintenance services at the same time, you can get a better deal on the inspection.

Can You Identify Any Sewer Problems In Your Home Without An Inspection?

If there are serious sewer problems in your house such as clogs, you might notice signs before the backup gets worse. For instance, you will notice the plumbing fixtures in your home draining slowly. Also, flushing the toilet might cause a backup in another fixture in your home such as the bathtub. These are signs of a sewer problem and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Is There A Sewer Problem If The House Smells Like Sewer Gas?

If the odor is not coming from the water coming from the sewer that has backed up in the drains in your home, it might not be a sign of a sewer problem. Some of the known reasons for a gas odor in the sewers include the following a vent leak, a dried-up p-tap, a deteriorated toilet wax ring.

Most of these issues are affordable and easy to fix. Call Trenchless Pipe Repair today and get the best sewer maintenance services for your home. We are ready and willing to check on your sewers and advice on the way forward.