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Drain Cleaning and Inspection

What Is Involved In Drain Cleaning?

By August 29, 2019February 28th, 2022No Comments

Drain CleaningIt is always frustrating when a drain or pipe is clogged. Solutions need to be found when such scenarios happen. That is where drain cleaning comes in. At Trenchless Pipe Repair, we make sure that drain cleaning is done with professionalism leaving your drain free from any dirt and clogs.

A clogged drain can interfere with household activities such as dishwashing. Within a professional setup, drain cleaning is important for the smooth running of operations. This guarantees that there is no loss of productivity.

Drain cleaning starts with an inspection. Pipe inspection is able to shed light on the state of your drain. It points out if repairs are needed. A video inspection can be used to provide this information. A camera travels down the drain and provides images of the situation.

Organic debris such a soap scum, food scraps, hair, and dirt often cause clogging in drainage systems. Minerals can also build up within your drain risking a clog if you use hard water within your home. An assessment needs to be done to find out what the problem is. Once we find out what the problem is, we take the necessary steps in drain cleaning.

Stubborn clogs usually can’t be removed through plunging. Drain snaking is what we employ to clean your drain during such times. We break up or hook the clog using a long and thin cable within a pointed end.

Drain snaking can be performed by manually using hands or be motor operated. This is dependent on the blockage, the diameter, and length of your drain. Eliminating leaks to restore the integrity of your drain is also done.

For buildups that can’t be effectively done away through drain snaking, hydro jetting is able to help. This is ideal for stubborn buildups within your pipes. A hydro jet is basically a firehose for pipes. High pressure is used to clean all the areas within a clogged pipe.

The pressure produced by a hydro jet is able to blast clogs within pipes. Hydro jetting addresses specific drain problems. Additionally, it can be used for preventive drain maintenance. This is achieved by helping to prevent the buildup of new clogs in the future through doing away with any buildup whatsoever.

Enzymatic drain cleaners can also be used in dealing with organic buildups within your drain. They help in drain cleaning without damaging your pipes. At Trenchless Pipe Repair, we offer drain cleaning services suited for your needs in East Central Minnesota to Wisconsin. Contact us today to find out more about our drain cleaning services.

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