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pipe burstingFor most people, sewer lines remain forgotten and buried deep at the back of the mind until they malfunction. When this happens, it can be daunting to carry out repairs especially if the entire sewer line that connects the house to the municipal sewer has to be replaced.

There are several methods of carrying out trenchless sewer replacements that can be used in such instances. With the help of a professional, you can easily be able to determine the method that is most appropriate for you. Trenchless sewer repair is great since only one or two holes need to be dug in your property for a malfunctioning sewer line to be replaced. With the right equipment for carrying out trenchless sewer repair, plumbing professionals can repair sewer lines without creating the type of mess that is associated with conventional repair methods. Below is an explanation on how plumbers carry out trenchless sewer repair.

• Using CIPP (Cured in Place Pipe)

In this method of trenchless repair, a special liner that is filled with resin is usually blown or pulled into the malfunction sewer piping. Once the liner has properly been positioned, the resin usually dries providing a seamless pipe through which sewer waste can flow smoothly and freely. CIPP is highly durable as it lasts for 50 years. On using CIPP trenchless piping repair technology, you can rest easy as your sewerage system will function optimally for a long time.

• Using Pipe Bursting

When this method is used, plumbers usually dig two holes in a property. A cable is then usually inserted into the sewer pipe and attached to a bursting head. It is then pulled through the malfunctioning sewer line, pushing the old damaged pipe while inserting a new pipe to replace the old one. This method is ideal for repairing or replacing either short or long sections of a damaged sewer pipe.

The main difference between CIPP and pipe bursting is that CIPP usually reduces the diameter of your sewer pipe. In most cases, this is not an issue since CIPP technology gives a seamless and smoother interior surface compared to the older sewer pipe. If pipe bursting technology is used, the diameter of the existing sewer pipe can easily be increased during the replacement process. This can lead to better flow of sewer waste. Pipe bursting is ideal and highly beneficial for large homes, municipalities and businesses in Sacramento.

Benefits of Using Trenchless Pipe Repair Technology

If there is a problem with the sewer lines that serve your property, you definitely want the problem fixed as soon as possible. Pipe repair or replacement tasks that are done using trenchless technology can easily be completed within one day meaning that you can go back to your normal routine quickly. Bigger repair or replacement jobs can take longer. Municipality and business repair or replacement jobs can take even longer. However, on using trenchless piping technology, be assured that you will not need to replace your walkway or replant your yard.

If you have a plumbing emergency or you would like the existing piping system in your home or business to be assessed, repaired or replaced contact Trenchless Pipe Repair – The Top Industry Experts on Trenchless Piping Technology. We are the most experienced professionals when it comes to the use of trenchless pipe replacement technology in the area and we can help you solve existing problems and avoid future issues in your piping. We cater offer our services to residential property owners, commercial property owners, businesses and even municipalities.

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