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Residential and commercial locations of all types rely on a system of pipes and sewer lines that allow fresh water to be ready for use and waste water to be disposed of correctly. But if a problem hits these important components of your plumbing line the functionality of your locations can suddenly hit the skids.

The sewer lines that carry waste water from your home can be addressed in a variety of methods. Despite being located underground and being especially hard to access, modern plumbing has devised some pretty ingenious methods maintaining and repairing these vital pipe lines.

What is Pipe Lining?

At some time during the evolution of modern plumbing, an innovative plumber was considering the arduous task of replacing underground sewer lines and figured the best way to repair them would be without excavations. This was a revolutionary plan in the plumbing industry and the idea was soon applied and perfected.

Pipe lining allows sewer lines below the ground of your home and garden to be effectively repaired without having to disturb the ground above them.

Pipe Lining –– even though they may have fallen to some degree of disrepair, there is still a good chance that your current pipes can be restored to full functionality. Pipe lining will line the insides of old pipes that are cracked or prone to clogs with a flexible inner tubing that is fixed to the interior of the old pipes with a flexible adhesive.

This inner tubing is inserted into the older pipes and then inflated to achieve proper positioning. As soon as the resinous flexible pipes have properly dried, they will form a perfectly sealed inner pipe with optimal functionality.

It is important to note that the size of your tube will be reduced by about a ¼ inch. While this is not typically a problem for a domestic location, high-traffic commercial locations should discuss their pipe repair options with an experienced trenchless pipe technician before finalizing any plans.

Advantages of Pipe Lining

Minimally Invasive — this convenient method of repairing subterranean pipes allows the task to be completed without the labor-intensive work of tearing up lawns and driveways or having to plan routes around roots and landscaping.

Timely and Effective — pipe lining technology in the hands of a seasoned trenchless pipe repair professional is an especially time-efficient process. Regardless of the extent of damage, your sewer line repair work can be completed in a matter of hours as opposed to the alternative which can take a matter of days or even weeks.