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If you’re searching for information on hydro-excavation, here is what you need to know about this method of digging and moving soil. One of its biggest advantages is that it helps in cutting down on various costs and risks associated with traditional digging methods. In this method, water at high pressure is used combined with a vacuum. The highly pressurized water is able to quickly dig the soil and this is where the vacuum comes in as loose soil is transferred to a tank.

It is used in a variety of industries such as plumbing and pipes excavation, installation of poles and posts as well as various other applications. Due to its various advantages, it has become increasingly popular in the industrial world.

The traditional digging methods such as manual excavation with the help of backhoes is not that great. It also requires back-filling once the digging job has been completed. Another great disadvantage of manual method is that it is extremely labor-intensive and consumes a lot of time. Since heavy machinery is used in manual excavation, it poses a risk to the laborers and might also lead to damage to the surroundings. This is where hydro-excavation makes so much sense as it completely eliminates these potential problems. It is an environmentally friendly, non-mechanical and completely safe method of digging. It helps in doing the job faster and with much more accuracy and little effort is required by the workers. It helps in cutting down on costs and the end result is not only more efficient but also better.

Hydro-Excavation – Safety Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of this method of digging and moving soil is that it is completely safe. It is a completely nondestructive and non-mechanical method. The workers stay away for machinery which helps in avoiding accidents and also, the people nearby remain safe from any potential accidents.

In hydro-excavation, pressurized water and air vacuum is used. The equipment required for this process is typically positioned at a safe distance from the area where excavation needs to be done. It helps in preventing congestion and traffic at the actual excavation site.

Hydro-Excavation – Cost Benefits

Another advantage of this method is that it helps in reducing a lot of unnecessary efforts that are part of the traditional methods of excavation. It is much more accurate and precise which helps in considerably limiting the potential damage to the utilities, surrounding environment as well as pipes.

Whether it comes to digging a pothole or installing pipes and cables or any other kind of excavation, hydro-excavation is much more accurate. The pressurized water can be easily made to avoid the pipes and underground utilities which means there won’t be any cracks made during this process.

It is also widely used for landscaping as it is extremely delicate in operation and works without disturbing the surrounding soil. It allows for a stronger foundation for the landscape.

All these advantages lead to fewer repairs as well as back-filling. It also saves money when it comes to the material and cost of labor required for restoration jobs. There is no doubt that hydro-excavation is the best method for digging in the long run. It is much more efficient as compared to the traditional methods.